Sister's Keeper


Fatou, 25, and Farida, 19, are Senegalese half sisters with a very interesting relationship. As the eldest of the two, Fatou leads a path of success, self-confidence, and boldness. However, Farida finds it difficult to follow through with the lane her sister has paved. Time and time again, Fatou attempts to groom her younger sister into being much more self-assured, though it often leads to arguments and disconnections. The two had been raised by their father and Farida's mother, and as they grew older, the envy became more apparent. For these reasons, Farida avoids embracing her feelings and bottles up a lot of thoughts. This series visually interprets the relationship between the two sisters as we follow them through their neighbourhood.

In any and every life, there’s a distinct story that makes one creative. You’re unique because your path branches into separate direction. It’s important to not only remember this idea, but embrace it as life proceeds. Comparison will kill you, especially in a family where expectations are set and every move you make is judged. Have faith and go on!

Enjoy "Sister's Keeper" now!  

- Josef Adamu