Austin's Diary


Austin, 18, has found himself writing in his diary a lot more than usual over the last few weeks. It helps him illustrate his thoughts and release any pains regarding life and its circumstances. On November 18th, 2015, his twin brother Justin, had lost his life in a brutal car accident. Making it roughly two years since the tragedy. One could imagine how indivisible the twins were, meaning the news was extremely devastating. After roughly two years of mourning and dealing with depressive episodes, Austin has started to feel a lot like himself again. Though, from time to time he has flashbacks of unforgettable moments he shared with his other half. 


Thus, he eventually invests in a diary, which he treats as a tool of hope. He jots down all of his favourite memories and writes out ideas he feels optimistic about. He believes Justin is still with him spiritually and that feeling of inseparability will forever live on. This driving factor motivates Austin to do better in school, train harder with track and field, and remain a good samaritan. Losing a loved one is never easy, and at Sunday School we’ve used this opportunity to create a project that speaks to everyone and anyone. Tragedies such as these will be extremely difficult to deal with whether physically or mentally. However, like Austin, a diary may aid your mental escape from reality when communicating your thoughts. Write it down!


- Josef Adamu