Captured by Benedict Adu.

Produced by Ronny Ackah.

Directed by Josef Adamu.



The idea for Practice, was created out of frustration. It was at a time when I wasn’t motivated to create and didn’t have the time to either. As a creative, I was not seeing the results I wanted and completing the goals I have set for myself.  In conversation with a friend, he told me to just put my head down, get to work, and trust the process. That conversation had me thinking about athletes and how they train, putting their bodies through rigorous exercises day in and day out. When they practice, they’re imagining the championship (the end goal) and keeping their eyes on the prize. The only way they can win is through sacrifice, dedication, and PRACTICE (not the game, we talkin’ bout’ practice). Therefore, what started out as an idea birthed out of frustration ended as a creative concept created for motivation. To me, our Sunday School team and whoever the story comes across.


- Ronny Ackah

Sunday School Creative