Abuja to Lagos (Nigeria, 2018)

Photo by David Ogbe

Photo by David Ogbe

These 14 DAYS...

A trip to Nigeria could not have come at a better time! As a creative group, Sunday School aims to highlight the importance of grasping inspiration and curating projects inspired by these ideas. This trip has allowed me to gather various elements of culture, lifestyle, and tradition, while soaking in all the interesting things that take place daily. Abuja aka Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was a somewhat quiet place with heightened security and a huge muslim population. It was great to enter the markets, learn a few Hausa words, and genuinely bond with locals. As a city built on the foundation of the government and national security, it came as no surprise as to how safe it was. On the other hand, Lagos aka Lasgidi, was a city filled with high-energy, fun, and TRAFFIC! Both cities offered various types of characters, which opened my mind to so many ideas for future projects! I’ve literally taken down notes of ideas that came to mind during sight seeing, family bonding and bargain hunting. Nigeria is such a beautiful country and it is also my first home. Going back for the first time since the age of 2 has allowed for a totally new perspective that surpassed what one would see through media, family conversations, or second-hand stories. 


Thank you Nigeria, for the loads of inspiration and handful of creative ideas that will drive our minds much further than ever before!


- Josef Adamu