Sunday Spotlight: PHARAOH

Faris  by  Jeremy Rodney-Hall

Faris by Jeremy Rodney-Hall

Q: Who Are You?

A: My name is Faris Adam! I am 21, and consider myself a model from Toronto. All in all, I am a creative trying to be the best in the world at what I do

Q: Elaborate on being a Somali-Canadian creative.

A: My ethnicity is Somali, but you'd surprised because nobody believes me when I say I'm Somali. I thought the slim build and height would give it away, but I guess not.

I was raised in the beautiful place of Malvern in the east end of Toronto. Some wouldn't consider it to be beautiful, but that's where I call home. In such a diverse neighbourhood, I have been lucky enough to grow up with many influences. I've been living there for 21 years, and it has made me the man I am today. I grew up with a loving and supportive family, who let me follow my dreams. There was never a moment in time where my family and/or my community held me back. The only thing they did was push me pass my fears and insecurities concerning what I could become.

Q: For those that may not know, what is vitiligo?

A: Vitiligo is a rare skin condition which makes you lose pigment in your skin. In other words, it turns brown skin into white skin.  

Q: At what point did you decide you wanted to become a model?

A: I have always wanted to do something creative through either music, art, or photography. I started to move into modeling when I saw more & more people really acknowledge my work. They pointed out the details in my photos, and the story behind the photos. Once I saw that I had the look & the creative vision, I drove head first to see how far I could go to be the best.

Q: Has vitiligo discouraged or encouraged your journey?

A: It has definitely encouraged my journey because not a lot of people would show their skin off especially with vitiligo. Some would hide their hands or shy away. When it comes to me, I never shy away because it is who I am & it gives me a unique look.

Q: What do you enjoy most about storytelling?

A: The vision behind the story! A lot of people disregard what the story is actually teaching you. Each story should have a lesson or change your perspective on things in this world we live in & that’s what I enjoy the most. The vision & teachings behind every story make it creative.

Q: Basketball or Soccer?

A: Basketball! There is nothing more exciting than seeing Lebron chasing down a fast break lay-up to win the finals or watching Kyrie Irving dance around the defense so easily. I cannot sit and watch 90 min of a soccer ball being passed around. I need the fast pace action that basketball offers.

Q: Name some of your top inspirations.

A: Luka Sabbat

Virgil Abloh

Luka Sabbat’s vision is something I have not seen before. When I look for outfit inspiration & the newest gear, I always head over to his Instagram page.

When it comes to Virgil, every colab he drops with ‘Off-White’ is top tier. Through the way he made the classic Jordan 1 silhouette mixed with modern day streetwear is incredible, and it inspires me to create something as simple as a t-shirt. One day I want to be able to have my own shoe line, and the designs he creates really inspires me to keep pushing myself for that end goal.