In May of 2017, Sunday School Creative was founded by Josef Adamu in the basement of his Toronto home. In an effort to offer refreshing perspectives through digital content and branded experiences, Sunday School finds new methods of visual communication for your product and/or service. As a team, we work with brands to develop groundbreaking ideas catering to an intended audience. The innovative approaches we use to collaborate with partners, tell stories, and build them into visual activations separate us from competitors. We believe that every great story makes an impact online as well as offline, and we are dedicated to providing the best of both worlds.


Brand Activators
As creators, we develop campaigns and transform them into tangible experiences. We partner with brands to birth ideas and provide a unique voice for their products or services. We value the importance of creativity, relationships and leaving an impact through the ideas we bring to life.

Bridge The Gap
We are dedicated to the development of a global community through our work as creatives of the diaspora. Our hybrid identities allow us to connect with various creative markets to communicate stories that surround culture, technology, sports, and education.


Our abilities are not limited to branded experiences and content. As a team, we provide an umbrella of skills ranging from:

  • creative direction

  • video + photo production

  • social media marketing

  • graphic design

  • brand consulting

  • copywriting.


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