STILL: Tobi Aji’s debut album


The team at Sony Music approached us to develop a concept and photograph the debut album cover for Nigerian-Canadian artist, TOBi. As a newly introduced R&B sensation with a vision to tell his personal story, we were tasked with the responsibility to communicate his life through a photography series. The album was named ‘STILL’


We came up with a variety of concepts that reflected lyrics mentioned throughout his album. We also allowed Tobi to walk us through his musical journey, and his relationship with his family. After conducting some research, we paired his songs with themes that directly reflected his story. Tobi chose the concept of self-reflection, as a lot of his experiences as a child reflect the context of the album. (See photos below)

STILL is an excellent body of work that explores TOBi’s journey as a young black African male navigating through obstacles while overcoming challenges.

Photography by Jeremy Rodney-Hall / Directed by Josef Adamu / Set Design by Josef Adamu for Sony Music


The feedback was exponential, as the art was shared by 20,000+ viewers ranging from social media platforms and media publications globally. In the month of May, the album cover appeared on a massive billboard courtesy of Spotify Music at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. (See below)